Schedule of Classes

Schedule of Classes

The class offerings, instructors, buildings and room numbers for the following schedules are as accurate as possible. The University reserves the right to make changes as necessary and makes no guarantee that courses, sections, instructors, times or locations will be offered as listed.

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How to Read the Schedule of Classes

Abbreviations used in the Schedule

MMonday (Mo)
TTuesday (Tu)
WWednesday (We)
RThursday (Th)
FFriday (Fr)
DDaily (M through F)
ARRArranged (TBA online)
INDIndependent Study
PERMClass Permission Required
RSTREnrollment Restricted
VTVariable Topic
P or PREREQPrerequisite
C or COREQCorequisite

Building Codes

AAFine Arts Building
AIAdministration Building
DWDorothy and Darwin Wiekamp Hall
EAEducation Arts Building
ELElkhart Center, 125 East Franklin Street, Elkhart
FEStudent Activities Center
HFSB Heritage Foundation, 1040 West WashingtonSt., South Bend
HPClass meets at an area hospital
LMSchurz Library
NSNorthside Hall
OCOff Campus
RSVera Z. Dwyer Hall
SASculpture Annex, 1721 Lincolnway East, South Bend
SCClass meets at an area school
SRStudebaker Renaissance District, 635 South Lafayette Blvd, South Bend
TBPurdue Technology Building
UDUniversity Center
WWWorld Wide Web

Terms used in the Schedule

Corequisite (C or COREQ) : A course which must be taken simultaneously with another specified course.

Credit Hours or Units: Number of hours a course is taught.

Prerequisite (PREREQ): Course(s), major, skills, and/or test scores you are required to have before enrolling in a particular course.

Class Permission (PERM): Student must obtain approval from the department/school offering the class before registering. The school will then record the permission on the computer registration system which will allow the student to register for the class.

Class Number: A number that identifies a specific offering of a course by the days and times the class meets.

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