Student Employment

There are different types of employment available to full-time students at IU South Bend. Each has its own focus and its own value within the life of a student. With the help of a CSO Counselor, Academic Advisor, Faculty Mentor or someone else, determine which employment type best suits your needs at this point in your education.

  1. An Internship provides the all-important ‘real world’ experience before you leave college. It also has the potential to yield academic credit.
  2. A Part-time Job offers ‘real world’ experience (although perhaps not in your field) along with a pay check. Part-time work can be found almost anywhere, but can be more conducive to your education when it’s organized by the university.
    • Student Employment refers to positions specifically intended to be filled by students. They all accommodate student schedules. Most of them are on campus. Many of them require Work Study eligibility.
    • Off-campus Work Study refers to off-campus positions with organizations that are part of the Work Study program.

What is Work Study?

The Federal Work Study Program was created to stimulate and promote part‐time employment for students who have financial need and who need earnings to pursue a college education. It allows students to meet their educational expenses without incurring a lot of debt and is intended to provide worthwhile job opportunities for qualified students. To participate, you must be a financial aid recipient with Federal Work Study (Work study) award eligibility.

Your Work Study award contributes more than financial assistance to your college education. It offers you additional advantages‐‐education plus job experience. In increasingly competitive job markets, employers seek applicants who have employment as well as academic experience. Your award may also provide:

  • Practical training and experience in your chosen field
  • Positive job experience to help you identify career objectives
  • Experience to your résumé and recommendations from employers

Contact Financial Aid to find out if you qualify.

Job, Location and Development (JLD) Program

The Job, Location and Development (JLD) Program is a federally funded program that is administered by the Career Services Office. This program allows us to provide students with a source to find off-campus part-time employment as well as locate and develop off-campus job opportunities for students in the local community. The skills and additional knowledge gained from employment through this program will help provide a solid foundation for securing career-related options beyond graduation. The Career Services Office works to develop off-campus positions for students in all majors. Additional services include providing access to employment opportunity information and various programming developed specifically to improve résumé writing, interviewing and networking – all skills that are essential in finding employment.

The JLD Program is centered on creating real-world work experiences for our students to increase and diversify their knowledge base plus develop additional marketable skills.

Eligibility for Students

To participate in the JLD Program

  1. You must currently be enrolled at IU South Bend
  2. You must have an active account on IUSBCareers, our online job board (See the link to the left for access)
  3. You cannot be a senior in your last semester

To Find a Job

Our office posts all opportunities we receive from local employers on our online job board, IUSBCareers. These positions include: seasonal, temporary, internship and part-time positions.

*Note: Please remember to inform the Career Services Office when you get hired. This program is funded partially through federal funds; therefore, in order to continue providing services to promote and administer this program for both the students and employers, it is vital that we collect student hire information. This information provided proves the necessity and success of the program as well as evidence to support continuation of the program.

If you have questions, please contact our Internship/Employer Counselor, who also coordinates the Job, Location and Development Program.