Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where are you located?

    Please check your notification letter if you are coming for an informal conference. Some informal conferences are held in other staff member offices on campus. The Office of Student Conduct’s main office is located in Administration Building Room 177, within Student Engagement and Success.

  • What should I expect after I received a notification letter?

    If you have received a notification letter from the Office of Student Conduct, you are required to attend an informal conference with a conduct professional to discuss a complaint filed against you. The notification letter should include details of the complaint, the Indiana University Code of Conduct violation that will be discussed, and the date/time of your informal conference. It is required that you attend the scheduled informal conference with the conduct professional. If you do not attend, the conduct professional can make a determination in your absence based on the report that has been provided.

  • What should I expect after I receive an investigation notice?

    If you have received an investigation notice, you have not formally been charged with violating the IU Student Code of Rights, Responsibilities, and Conduct. The Office of Student Conduct is notifying you that we are conducting an investigation and it is required that you meet with a representative of the office to discuss the report that was made. The investigation could result in a determination of no-action, mediation between the complainant and respondent, or a formal complaint being filed against the responding student.

  • Do I need to bring something to my informal conference?

    You are not required to bring any materials to the informal conference, but you may do so if it relates to the allegations you are discussing. You will be asked to take a pre- and post- survey, so you will need to have access to your IUSB log-in information prior to arrival.

  • Can I have a lawyer or parent be present?

    Yes. We encourage you to bring support in the conduct process. Every student has a right to an advisor, but that advisor is limited to advising the student. If you choose someone to advise you, they cannot speak on your behalf or direct questions to the conduct professional.

  • Why do I have a hold on my account from the student conduct office?

    If you have an administrative hold on your account from our office it is likely for the following reasons: You did not attend a required meeting after notification from our office; or you failed to complete any administrative or educational sanctions that were required of you. Please stop by the Office of Student Conduct (Admin 177) to learn about the purpose of the hold. We can check your file onsite and assist you in next steps. It is important to note that a hold will not be removed temporarily for students. We will only remove a hold once the requirements have been completed.

  • How is my report documented when I come to the office?

    Depending on the type of meeting, what you share with the conduct professional or panel may be recorded in written or tape recorder form. In an informal conference, it is important for you to be open and honest with the conduct professional so they can document in written form what you shared with them at your meeting. For a formal hearing, there will be a tape recorder present to capture the information provided, and that recording will be kept in the Office of Student Conduct for one year after the decision letter from the formal hearing panel. If you are taking part in an investigation as a complainant, respondent, or witness, the conduct professional can choose to use written notes and/or a tape recorder to document your report. This helps with a more accurate transcription in the office.