Career Resources Guide

Career Resources Guide

Partner with our office by purchasing an ad in our upcoming Career Resource Guide (CRG). Your recruitment ad may appear in this publication maintaining your connection with students seeking entry-level opportunities and internships!

This valuable book is provided to students, alumni and faculty who visit our office, attend our programs, or see our classroom presentations. In the past two years we have given out nearly 3,000 copies.

Career Resource Guide (CRG)

Published Summer 2015 – Distributed Fall 2015 - Spring 2017

Advertising Price Schedule
Ad SizeCostDimensions
Outside Back Cover$8007.5"w x 10"h
Inside Front Cover$7007.5"w x 10"h
Inside Back Cover$6007.5"w x 10"h
Full Page$5007.5"w x 10"h
1/2 Page$2507.5"w x 4.75"h
1/4 Page$1253.5"w x 4.75"h
1/8 Page$753.5"w x 2"h

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