Chapter 33: Post-9/11 GI Bill

Chapter 33: Post-9/11 GI Bill

  • The Chapter 33: Post-9/11 GI Bill provides financial support for education and housing to individuals with at least 90 days of aggregate service after September 10, 2001, or individuals discharged with a service-connected disability after 30 days.
  • You must have received an honorable discharge to be eligible for the Post-9/11 GI Bill.
  • If you have eligibility for Chapter 33: Post-9/11 GI Bill and any other GI Bill program, you must make an irrevocable election of the Post-9/11 GI Bill before you can receive any benefits.
  • VA educational benefits and Yellow Ribbon for tuition and fees are paid directly to IUSB.
  • A yearly books and supplies stipend of up to $1,000 (paid proportionately based on enrollment) is paid directly to you.
  • Generally, benefits are payable for 15 years following your release from active duty.

Yellow Ribbon Program

  • Indiana University South Bend is one of the participating institutions of the Yellow Ribbon Program.
  • Current and former members of the armed services or eligible dependents for Post-9/11 benefits and are classified as nonresidents for fee paying purposes may be eligible for this program if one of the criteria listed below is satisfied:
    • Honorably discharged veterans who served a minimum of 36 months of active-duty after September 10, 2001
    • Honorably discharged veterans with a 30 percent or more service connected disability and who served a minimum of 30 active-duty days after September 10, 2001.

NOTE: Indiana University South Bend is limited by the VA on the number of students accepted into the Yellow Ribbon Program each semester.

  • Since space is limited, availability is on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  • The STUDENT must enroll in the program before the beginning of each semester to ensure they are guaranteed benefits under the Yellow Ribbon Program.
  • The necessary forms can be found in the Office of Veteran Student Services in the Education and Arts Building, room 2101.