IU Stop Sexual Violence

IU Stop Sexual Violence

Indiana University is committed to leading the fight against sexual violence. We encourage you to get involved, learn more about policies and resources, and find the support you need. Together, we can end sexual violence on our campuses.

See IU's comprehensive website at http://stopsexualviolence.iu.edu/ for Crisis Resources. Get Help or Report an Incident. Prevention, Support and Resources. Policies and Definitions of Key Terms. Understanding Consent.

Recovery from Sexual Assault and Relationship Violence

Sexual assault and relationship violence can happen to anyone. The Student Counseling Center offers a safe and confidential environment in which students can talk about their experience and get the help and support they need. The counseling process respects individual needs and differences; our staff can help victims/survivors begin to find safety and healing and reach decisions that are best for them.

Help is available! We can help you in the immediate aftermath or even if you experienced sexual assault or relationship violence years ago. Individuals who have experienced sexual assault or relationship violence often go through normal but painful reactions to the trauma, including shock, fear, guilt, shame, anxiety and depression. They may also face sleep or appetite disturbances, difficulty with concentration, academic problems or troubled relationships. Student Counseling Center services can help victims/survivors through:

  • Support, validation and empowerment
  • Exploration of options and choices
  • Education and information
  • Assistance in accessing campus and community services
  • Cognitive-behavioral and strength-based approaches that help students overcome self-blame and negative thought patterns
  • Emotionally-focused work that provides space and support for dealing with fears and anxieties

Sexual assault and relationship violence are never the victim's fault and, at IUSB, students do not need to face these traumas alone.