Crisis Referrals

The Referral Process

Crisis referrals

The IU South Bend Student Counseling Center is available on campus to assist students who experience mental health crises. If you encounter a student who is suicidal or experiencing intense emotional distress, take the following steps to access our services:

  • Ensure that you feel safe and capable of providing assistance to the student
  • Ask the student to stay with you while you contact the Student Counseling Center (phone: 520-4125) and/or
  • Walk the student to the Student Counseling Center located in Suite 175 of the Administration Building
  • If counselors are in session with other students, knock on any door to receive immediate help
  • Please stay long enough to speak with a staff member about your concerns or what you've observed regarding the student

The Counseling Center staff will assess the student's needs and intervene accordingly. The student may be asked to schedule a follow up appointment the next day and commit to regular counseling sessions. A referral may be made to Oaklawn/Memorial Epworth if required to ensure the student's safety.

If the Counseling Center is closed, if you do not feel safe providing assistance, or if the student leaves/walks away, call 911 or the IU South Bend Campus Police at 520-4239, depending on the severity of the situation. Emergency services can be accessed 24 hours a day by calling Memorial Epworth at 647-8400.

Non-emergency referrals

Students under stress benefit from the concern of parents/family and university faculty, staff and peers. If a student is struggling in class or is demonstrating feelings, thoughts or behaviors of concern, a direct referral to the Counseling Center can be instrumental in getting the student back on a path to academic success:

  • Express your concern for the student and ask if you can assist him/her in setting up a meeting with a counselor. If the student is in your room or office, call the Counseling Center for an immediate screening or bring/send the student to our office.
  • The student will be asked to provide basic background information and speak with a counselor for ten to fifteen minutes for an assessment of needs and risks. The conversation may take place in person or over the phone.
  • The screening will be reviewed by the Center Director and a staff memeber will contact the student to schedule a full intake interview depending on the student's availability

If the student declines your help... Encourage the student to contact the Counseling center to schedule his/her own appointment. Callers may leave a confidential message after normal business hours and the call will be returned as staff become available.