About the Student Counseling Center

Staffing: Counseling services and other programs at the Student Counseling Center are offered and overseen by Clinical Mental Health Counselors, licensed in the state of Indiana. The SCC also employs pre-licensed counselors who have significant experience working with college student populations. Advanced graduate student interns in mental health counseling and social work provide counseling as well; all SCC services are provided under the supervision of licensed clinical professionals.

Getting started: Successful counseling involves building a relationship of trust and respect between the client and counselor. An intake evaluation, or process of learning about you and your background and culture, will be conducted as part of the first session. You and your counselor will then work collaboratively to set goals and chart a course of counseling that offers realistic and meaningful solutions.

Counseling sessions: Counseling is offered on a short-term basis, meaning that students may expect to receive up to ten sessions per academic year. Counseling sessions last between 45 and 50 minutes and are typically scheduled once a week or every two weeks. Please note, due to the small number of staff and limited resources of the Counseling Center, students with more long term needs requiring special treatment may be referred out to community providers shortly after the initial evaluation.

Confidentiality: Information provided by students to the Student Counseling Center is private and confidential; visiting the SCC does not become part of the student's academic record. Staff members will not share any information about counseling with other university departments, with family members, or with community professionals unless we have the client's written consent to do so. Except in emergency situations (such as imminent danger to self or others, or allegations of child abuse), we do not share student records with anyone. You may select the following for a copy of our Notice of Practices to Protect the Privacy of Your Health and Counseling Information or our Client Information and Authorization for Services forms.