Private Loan Programs

Private Loan Programs

IU South Bend students borrow from a variety of private lenders. IU South Bend does not recommend any particular lender; these tools are provided to assist you in looking for a private/alternative education loan that best fits your needs. Most lenders will only loan to degree-seeking students. If you are non-degree seeking, you will need to check with the lender to see if you are eligible.

If You Need to Select a Lender

Listed below is an application tool that will provide access to multiple lenders. The INvestEd Marketplace will allow you to compare lenders and rates for possible alternative loans. As a borrower, you have the option to select any lender you choose. Please understand that we will process a loan with a lender that is not listed. If you have any questions regarding the process, please contact our office. Students should make an appointment with a Financial Aid Administrator before applying for an alternative loan by calling 574.520.4357.


Additional lenders may be available through other online search tools; please note that students must apply directly with their chosen lender for a private loan.


A Word of Caution to Private Loan Borrowers

IU South Bend cautions students that "loan debt can accumulate quickly and result in a lifetime burden of high payments and credit denials for automobile purchases, credit cards and home mortgages. To avoid these problems, read and understand the terms and conditions of all loans." To assist you with understanding the implications of your decisions, IU South Bend has partnered with CashCourse to provide students with free financial resources. You may go to IU South Bend's CashCourse website by clicking the button below.

Cash Course