Summer Financial Aid

Types of Aid Available

  • All students requesting summer aid will be evaluated for summer Direct Loan eligibility.
  • To receive a summer loan, students must be enrolled at least half-time
    • Undergraduate level requires 6 credit hours.
    • Graduate level requires 4 credit hours.
  • Typically the disbursement will be one week after the start of classes.
  • Students who received Direct Loans up to their full annual eligibility during the academic year will not be eligible for Direct Loands during the summer. 
  • The summer term is defined as May-August.
  • Students may view their aggregate borrowing at

Before funds can be applied to student accounts, borrowers must complete the following on their ONE.IU account: 

  • Accept or reduce awards.
  • Sign the Master Promissory Note(s)*.
  • Complete the required entrance counseling*.

*Note:  Students who received a Federal Direct Subsidized or Unsubsidized Student Loan in the previous award year at Indiana University South Bend do not need to complete a new promissory note or entrance counseling.

  • Students are awarded the Pell Grant based on eligibility and enrollment as of the term census date.
  • Year Round Pell is available for eligible students and requires minimum enrollment of 6 credit hours.

  • SEOG is awarded based on the availability of funds.

To help you stay on track to graduate, IU South Bend is offering Summer 2020 On-Track Awards to continuing IUSB students, even those who are already registered for summer courses. This is in addition to any financial aid you may receive, up to your total cost of attendance. Students will receive On-Track funding for the combined Summer I and Summer II enrollment term according to the following credit hour enrollment:

May 18 for Summer I
June 15 for Summer II

To qualify for this award, you must have been enrolled in the Spring 2020 semester. Non-degree students are not eligible, unless enrolled in an eligible certificate program

Due to the COVID 19 pandemic work study for the summer 2020 is very limited.  Only students who participated in the work study program during the previous academic year, and who can continue to perform their duties remotely can be considered for Summer work study.  Campus employers have been notified of the request and awarding process.

Due to the COVID 19 Pandemic all overseas study trips have been canceled.

Financial aid for Overseas Study programs follows the same eligibility requirements as outlined above.

Students planning to use summer aid to complete an overseas study program should discuss their plans with the Office of International Programs at or with the unit sponsoring the trip to verify the program is aid-eligible.

  • Summer award requires a current FAFSA be on file.   
  • CVO only covers tuition and mandatory fees.
  • Graduate students are reimbursed at the undergraduate rate.

Summer Disbursement of Aid

  • Students registered for Summer Sessions I and II will have aid for BOTH SESSIONS disbursed to their bursar account no earlier than ten days after the start of classes.
  • For non-standard courses (courses not starting in accordance with established Summer I or II start dates) aid cannot disburse until the end of the 100% refund period for the course.   
  • For aid to apply to other fees such as parking or Crimson Cash, a Title IV Authorization is required.
  • The Office of the Bursar processes refunds of excess funds:
  • Additional information for Summer Semester, including refunding details are available on the Bursar website:

  • Students adding classes after the refund has been ordered by the Office of the Bursar, will be responsible for additional charges.
  • Students receiving a refund of financial aid are reminded to save enough funds to pay for books and supplies for Summer Session II. 

Withdrawing from Summer Course

  • Summer Session I (SSI) only: Students only enrolled in SSI who withdraw from all courses, will have a repayment calculation completed based on the date of withdrawal.
  • Summer Session II (SSII) only: Students only enrolled in SSII who withdraw from all courses, will have a repayment calculation based on the date of withdrawal.
  • SSI (withdrawal) and SSII (enrolled): The Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships will request a written confirmation of your intent to remain enrolled for SSII should you do a total withdrawal from SS1.  If you later withdraw from SSII courses, a repayment calculation will be completed based on the date of withdrawal from SSI. 
  • SSI (complete) and SSII (withdrawal after SSII begins): Students enrolled in SSI and SSII who complete SSI but drop SSII after SSII begins, will have a repayment calculation completed based on the date of withdrawal.
  • SSI I (complete) and II (withdrawal before SSII begins): Students enrolled in SSI and SSII who complete SSI but drop SSII before SSII begins, will have a repayment calculation completed based on the last date of SSI.
  • Learn more at

The amount that must be repaid is determined by a federal calculation and is based on the withdrawal date.  Students will be notified in writing of any required repayment of federal funds.

Satisfactory Academic Progress “SAP”

  • All students are required to maintain SAP to receive federal financial aid.
    • Undergraduate students must maintain a minimum program grade point average “GPA” of 2.0 or higher based on program requirement.
    • Graduate students must maintain a minimum program GPA of 3.0.
    • All students are also required to complete 67% of all college credit courses ever attempted regardless of the means on which the courses were paid for at all educational institutions.
    • All student are required to complete their program within the Maximum Timeframe of 150% of the programs published length.
  • Students who have not maintained the above requirements are suspended from financial aid.
    • Student may appeal suspension by deadlines.
    • Approved appeals are put on contract.
      • Students not meeting the terms of their contract will be ineligible for financial aid.
  • Student will regain financial aid eligibility once they are meeting the standards for SAP
  • Find out more at