Majors and Your Career

  • Contact CSO

    IU South Bend students interested in exploring their career path must first contact the Career Services Office to schedule an initial appointment and receive an access code, in order to create a Focus2 Career Assessments account. After taking the assessments online the student will go over the results with a career counselor.

    Alumni and community members may take the assessments for a nominal fee. Please contact Career Services for more information.

    Career Assessments Links on the Web

    The following are links that offer free career assessment testing on the web. You do not need to be an IU South Bend student to take these assessments and results are immediately given to you upon completion.

  • Focus2 Career Assessments

    The Focus2 helps you make career decisions by providing a tool to explore career options through connecting your Interests, Personality, Skills, and Values. Focus2 analyzes your choices and compiles possible majors and careers based upon your responses. This allows you to gain a better understanding of what career is right for you.
    The Focus2 helps you to:

    • Decide which career path is right for you
    • Choose a degree centered around the job you want
    • Help you reach more fulfillment in your job
    • Make a career move
    • Decide which educational programs and training are right for you

    The Focus2 contains 5 self-assessments that determine your level of interest in occupational institutions, professional activities, hobbies, leisure activities and diverse types of people. It comes with a detailed report of results including: possible majors, careers and even average salaries. You will also get access to online tools that will help you with job hunting, interview skills and résumé building.

  • CSO Appointment

    Your CSO appointment is your opportunity to ask questions and narrow your choices. Be prepared to discuss questions about each of the assessment modules, which of your goals suit you best, and any obstacles to those goals that may exist. The counselor will give you information to assist you to formulate your long-term plan, identify your educational needs, draft an action plan, and suggest strategies for dealing with obstacles.

  • Meet with Academic Advisors

    Now that you have a good idea of your career goal; it’s time to start talking to more folks. The more information you get, the better off you will be. Make appointments with the academic advisor from 2 or 3 areas that interest you. Ask them questions about specific careers within that major. They can assist with investigating your options.

    Click here to see a list of Advisors from the various academic units.

  • Declare Your Major

    Choose a Major!

    When you change your major - even from undecided to a specific major and back again - have your academic school send an Academic Objective Update to the Registrar’s Office to make each Major change official.