Development of Effective Job Search Documents

Development of Effective Job Search Documents

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Job search documents include not only résumés and cover letters, but portfolios, thank you letters, acceptance letters, and any documents related to the job search as well. Here, however, we will take an in depth look only at résumés and cover letters. Other types of documents can be discussed at your individual appointment.

A résumé and cover letter are clearly focused marketing tools that allow an employer to see, at a glance, how you can contribute to the workplace. CSO will assist you in the development of effective documents that will market your skills and abilities to potential employers. Please make use of this web site, workshops, and individual appointments.


The résumé is a personal marketing tool that outlines your skills and experiences so an employer can see at a glance how you can contribute to the workplace.

The most effective résumés are clearly focused on a specific job title and address the employer’s stated requirements for the position.

While you may have all the requirements for the position, your résumé may be overlooked if it does not clearly identify these requirements.

The more you know about the duties and skills required for the job, and organize your résumé around these requirements, the more effective the résumé.

Cover Letters

A cover letter is an introduction of your interests, skills and abilities to an employer based upon their company’s employment needs. A cover letter also lets the employer know what position you are applying for and how you are qualified for the position.

Cover letters serve many purposes including highlighting your relevant skills and experience, indicating information your résumé cannot portray (career changes, gaps in employment history, etc.), functioning as the “job objective” on your résumé, and providing the employer a snapshot of your personality.

Thank You Note

Be sure to follow-up any personal interview with a thank you letter or note. It is a rarity for employers to receive a thank you letter or note thanking them for their time in interviewing you. A thank you letter or note not only shows your gratitude for the interview, but may also help you stand out from other candidates.