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Help! I need a job!

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The IU South Bend Career Services Office is here to assist you with the job search process. Whether you need experience to prepare you for your intended career, are looking for resume writing assistance or honing your interviewing skills, a simple phone call or e-mail to the CSO can get you headed in the right direction.

5 Steps to Landing a Job

Over the span of your life, you will find yourself repeating the job search process several times. Most job seekers will change their careers and/or employers at least four to five times throughout their working lives. Learning and adapting job search skills will provide you with a lifelong ability to effectively maneuver through the job search process.

Critical elements that will determine the effectiveness of your job search include:
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  1. Developing your job search objectives
  2. Developing your job search strategies
  3. Developing your job search tools
  4. How to handle the job offer or rejection
  5. Start your job!

Make an appointment with a Career Counselor in our office for assistance with your job search.