IU South Bend continues to grow and develop quality career minded graduates, many of whom choose to remain in the local community after graduation. Learn more about IU South Bend and how you can tap into its talented pool of students for your professional staffing needs.

  • Internships

    Internships are a win-win for employers and students. Employers gain a highly-motivated pre-professional, who has the skills to contribute to the vitality of the organization. Students gain valuable “on-the-job” experience and an opportunity to “test drive” their future careers.

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  • Job, Location, and Development (JLD) Program

    The Job, Location and Development (JLD) Program is a federally funded program that is administered by the Career Services Office. Through this program, the Career Services Office is able to provide students with a source for off-campus part-time employment, as well as identify and develop more off-campus job opportunities in the local community for students.

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  • Recruit at IU South Bend

    At the Career Services Office we specialize in connecting employers and nonprofit organizations with capable, talented IU South Bend students.

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  • Partnership Opportunities

    The Career Services Office at IU South Bend has created sponsorship packages to allow employers the opportunity to boost awareness about their organization, as well as advertise employment opportunities to our students. Participation in one or a combination of these items will be mutually beneficial for you and the IU South Bend community.

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  • Advertise in the Career Resources Guide

    Partner with our office by purchasing an ad in our upcoming Career Resource Guide (CRG). Your recruitment ad may appear in this publication maintaining your connection with students seeking entry-level opportunities and internships!

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For more information, contact the Career Services staff at sbcareer@iusb.edu or call 574-520-4425.