Mock Interview Week

Mock Interview Week

Performing in an interview takes knowledge and skill that can be learned and improved upon. Gain invaluable experience as well as feedback from local employers and campus representatives during Mock Interview.

Mock Interviews will be held

Dates and Times for 2017/2018 Academic Year Coming Soon!

NOTE: Interviews must be scheduled ahead of time. You must have an approved résumé in IUSBCareers order to schedule your Mock Interview.

To schedule your interview, go to IUSBCareers (Find it on One.IU

    1. Upload your résumé (The Career Services Office reviews each document within 5 business days)
    2. Once your résumé is approved, click the shortcut ‘Campus Interviews I Qualify for'
    3. Click ‘Schedule Your Mock Interview
    4. Click the ‘Apply and Interview’ button
    5. In the pop-up box, use the drop-down menus to choose your résumé and the date you want to schedule your interview
    6. Then choose the time you want and click the ‘Submit’ button

You will receive an e-mail confirming your interview date and time