What Titans are Saying

What Titans say about the Academic Centers for Excellence

I particularly remember a drop-in session at the Learning Center for Chemistry 101...I just wasn't confident solving the complex calculations on my own yet. Thank you to all of the tutors that devote their time to helping their peers!

Senior, Pre-Medicine

I always feel comfortable going to the tutors because I know they have taken that class before...opposed to hiring a tutor who doesn't know the professor or the class structure. I will continue taking advantage of the free tutoring services offered at IUSB.

Senior, Biological Sciences Major

Having a student who took the same course previously provides insight to what students should be focusing on and how to be successful in the course.

Sophomore, Chemistry Major

Our tutor walked us through every single question of the practice exam in depth with examples, tips, and tricks to succeed.

Sophomore, Biological Sciences Major

To those that have made the tutoring center possible, thank you!

Graduate Student, Applied Math & Comp Science

I have been telling all my friends about this invaluable resource our school offers.

Senior, General Studies Major

I left the Writers' Room feeling much more confident not only about my paper but also about the rest of the semester in my English class.

Freshman, Pre-Nursing

When the tutor helped me in the math tutoring center I had that "AH-HA!" moment with my math assignment and it made me feel like I could learn anything that I wanted to learn, as long as I worked hard and utilized the support system of ACE academic tutoring at IUSB.

Senior, Business Major

Whenever I go to the Writers' Room I always get positive feedback and ways to improve my writing techniques.

Freshman, Pre-Business

The Math Tutoring Center makes it very easy to get help because of its flexible hours and knowledgeable tutors.

Freshman, Pre-Business

Everyone there was understanding and let me ask as many questions as necessary to understand. I am thankful to have such an amazing support team right on campus.

Senior, Pre Business

I could comfortably ask questions in a small group setting.

Freshman, Pre-Dental Hygiene

All the tutors who work there are incredibly capable and an excellent asset for any student who wishes to really excel in their classes.

Sophomore, Pre-Business

This semester I attended weekly supplemental instruction sessions. I found these sessions to be very helpful given the depth of the material in the class as well as the faster pace of the class. Attending one of these sessions a week allowed me to gain a more well-rounded understanding of the material by discussing major concepts or writing out processes on the chalkboard and explaining them with fellow students and the SI leader.

Senior, Biological Sciences Major

Tutoring helps me in more ways than I can describe. What I like most about going to the tutoring sessions is that I go there with a goal to learn and feel confident about passing my tests, quizzes, and most importantly the class and I just don't leave with those things. I leave there knowing that I made friends and that I will do great in not just my Chemistry class but in all of them.

Sophomore, Pre-Dental Hygiene